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Ok, so... Paris got out of jail then was put back in jail... and the fur has hit the fan. I'm not a fan of hers, I think she's pretty moronic sometimes, but ... this whole thing screams "bribery" or "favors" to me.

And that's not even the real reason I'm upset about it, either. The kids I work with, we try and teach them right and wrong, to not manipulate their way out of consequences for wrongdoing. And then here comes this RichAndFamous gal, sentenced to jail for doing something Clearly Wrong, who gets out 42 days early because a] she's RichAndFamous, b] her parents have made "Contributions" to the Sheriff's reelection fund, c] she has an entitlement complex the size of Texas and can't handle anything less than her mansion, etc etc.

What kind of example is that? It's showing them that the justice system is flawed [well, we know it is already, just more so than usual] and that whining gets you your way. That if you have money, you don't have to suffer consequences. That if your parents are Connected, you can suck it up to the People In Charge. That just because you grew up on the streets or in a gang or are a minority or just aren't filthy rich, you get thrown the book, and actually have to live up to what you've done, while the Rich White Folks get away scot free. It sickens me.

Some people say I'm heartless for being glad she's back in jail. I say I'm upholding something. I may not agree with the original sentence [and I'm really not sure about that one, honestly], but by god, the sentence was 45 days without electronic monitoring, and no getting off early for "house arrest" or whatever. Letting her out that early is clearly an act of contempt, and just shows everyone how corrupt some people can be. And therefore, by applauding them holding her to the sentence, I am upholding, in my small way, that part of the justice system.

And now I'm done ranting and I have to get ready for another day at work. So... blah. Whatever, see you later. Same Bat-Time, Same Bat-Channel!

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Mar. 6th, 2007 04:41 am
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And it's true, too *grins*

I was just reflecting on so many things I've gone through with that monstrous crap of a disease... mostly because a friend was diagnosed with it. It's interesting, though, that lately it's started to fall off, and I'm not sure why, otherwise I'd be plastering it all over the place to hopefully help someone do the same.

Doing some reading on it, it never ceases to amaze me how many doctors are content to say to a patient that it's all, basically, 'in your head.' Just because it's not understood doesn't mean it's fake... especially if practically everyone who has it has the same symptoms. Odd.

But still... the fact remains that there are so many people who have it, and there's nothing to cure it. It's sad, and also horrifying that these poor girls [there's a 9:1 women/men patient ratio] have nothing yet to look forward to for a cure. Mneh.

And so comes the random end of my philosophical ramblings, again. Hmm. Good name for a tag, that.


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