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I'm ordering new glasses! I saw an optometrist today and got a script, so now I'm playing with Zenni Optical because they are a] highly recommended, b] adorably awesome, and c] CHEAP.

So! I've narrowed things down to roughly thirty [lol I know, that sounds horrible, but when you consider that they have hundreds of frames... not too bad indeed] and am hoping to get some input. I'm going to put a small thumbnail up that links back to the full size, and give some notes on the special ones [aka am I going to have lens tint, etc]. Any help would be totally lovely.

some notes: there are certain frames where you can choose your lens shape. Because of my prescription, I need ones that are at least 30mm tall. The list of available shapes is here. If a frame needs a shape specified, I'll just list the number I think would look cute. Another note: there are different colors and shades of tinting the glasses. Gray, green, amber, blue, purple, pink, and yellow. The shades are 80%, 50%, and 10%. Or none, of course. :P

frame notes frame notes
sold as-is thinking the tint as shown, 50% purple
thinking 347, if tinted will be some shade of purple FUCKING STEAMPUNK, oh yeah. no changes.
no tint, lens shape #227. no tint, same lens shape [#346].
tint: maybe 50/80% blue. maybe. light blue tint [10%]
no tint no tint, but PURTY.
I'm honestly not sure on this one. I like the latticework, but it's really bulky and it seems like it wouldn't fit my face. now, this one I like. Normally I don't like gold... anything, really, but this is just really cute. tint, probably mid-dark green.
it's purple. ergo it gets purple tint. this one... I really don't know. I like the colors and the sparkles, but I'm not sure it goes with the open-ended frame like that.
it looks semi-orange to me, which is cool, but the site lists it as "brown." I don't think a tint would look good with this. snakeskin. ugh. I like the lines on this one, but I dunno if I could deal with fake snakeskin on my head every day. no tint.
simple and classic. I'd go with lens 344 and a medium green tint. it's very abstract-y. which is good, yes, I like abstract art, but I don't know if I'm bold enough to WEAR it. no tint.
kinda cute, in a very minimalistic sort of way. lens 344, no tint. DOWANT. LIKE, A LOT. blue tint, 50%, I think.
these are the same style as the previous one, only in pink and... apparently "pearl." I'm not a big fan of pink, though. I like the overall piece, and the current lenses, but dude. PINK. lots of pink.
it reminds me of the Statue of Liberty, almost. the color, that is. I'm not sure if the shape would look good on me, though. I AM IN LOVE. I have always wanted a pair of glasses like this, really trendy and a bit odd, and in a classic color. although I gotta say I'd add 50%+ purple to it.
I always come back to this one. it's very eyecatching, and I can totally see me rocking this look. very classic lines. but it's really bulky. So while I'd like these, I don't know if I should because of that little thing called "peripheral vision."
red fucking hot. I love the little curlicues where the temples join the lenses, and I'd just leave it as is. while this one looks cute, I don't know how totally obnoxious it would be to have those "design temples" at the edge of my vision all the damn time.
GREEN. See, I love this, because the overall shape is very simple, yet it pops out with the addition of the green highlights/inside. noooo tint needed. I dunno. they're cute but I don't know if my inner weirdo could stand them.
this does not look like a "grid pattern" on the temple to me. I like the color, though, so that's something I need to figure out. "sparkly daisy whimsey" sounds cute until it eats your eye.
This one's cute, other than the fact that it's so dark. with this one, I really wouldn't tint it, just too much going on. UNNNNFFFFFFFF I really want this one. the design reminds me of a certain art style, yet very "new" and flowing. purteh.
didn't I already talk about these? damn lj. MORE GREEN. I love the lenses in the picture, and I might add a light blue tint. not much else, though.
moar graype! err. anyway. two of my loves: purple and sparkles. still worried about the "out the corner of my eye" thing. THIS is simply lovely. I love the colors, the shape, and the cute little flowers peeking out.
this is oddly cute. normally I don't go for frames this big/tall/whatever, but it has a certain charm. I do doubt they're real "diamonds," though. damn. yes, I'd keep the pink. poiple! dunno. the arms seem to bend around a LOT, and my head just don't go like that. on the other hand, PURPLE.
kinda similar to the other one, the colors and accents are just different. I'd rather go with this one, though. with blue. wood and metal grillework. fuck yeah. I'd do green instead of the pink tint, though. just because.
red. very red. not much else to say, honestly. ABSTRACT. they actually match my sheets for the dorm, just in different colors. I like the color scheme for sure, though. browns and reds.
see above, just in black and white. there is a certain... something, to these. that design reminds me of freakin circuit boards. now, whether this is a good or bad thing remains to be seen. >.>
very purteh. it's very minimalistic yet very stylish. style is good. MY FAVORITE SO FAR. I love the play of colors, the purples and greens... *sighs* no tint, these are perfect as-is. woot.
they look like square snaps. srsly. but I kinda like it, it's really whimsical. see above, just in red.
more purple. I mean, for the love of gods, haven't they figured me out yet? MOAR. MOAR MOAR. I'd add a light blue tint. These are. These are pretty damned awesome, and I love the color and the style, but it's plastic. would it last, or would I snap it the first day?

thank you one and all for any help you can give!
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