Sep. 4th, 2010

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I'm ordering new glasses! I saw an optometrist today and got a script, so now I'm playing with Zenni Optical because they are a] highly recommended, b] adorably awesome, and c] CHEAP.

So! I've narrowed things down to roughly thirty [lol I know, that sounds horrible, but when you consider that they have hundreds of frames... not too bad indeed] and am hoping to get some input. I'm going to put a small thumbnail up that links back to the full size, and give some notes on the special ones [aka am I going to have lens tint, etc]. Any help would be totally lovely.

some notes: there are certain frames where you can choose your lens shape. Because of my prescription, I need ones that are at least 30mm tall. The list of available shapes is here. If a frame needs a shape specified, I'll just list the number I think would look cute. Another note: there are different colors and shades of tinting the glasses. Gray, green, amber, blue, purple, pink, and yellow. The shades are 80%, 50%, and 10%. Or none, of course. :P

all the frames, and the notes, are under here. VERY image-heavy, and it's pretty wide, too. )

thank you one and all for any help you can give!


gloraelin: A Bunny, sitting on the moon fishing stars (Default)

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