Feb. 23rd, 2010 02:13 am
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I changed a bunch of things around, I was getting tired of the same layout for the past... uh... five and a half years.

So yeah. I'm happy with it.
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I went to Crate & Barrel today and bought flatware and dishes.  Somewhat expensive, but worth it.

Now I've just got to find a table and some chairs, a washer and dryer, and some bathroom stuff.  Gads this is getting expensive.  But oh! so fun.

I've decided not to do the whole 'curtains on walls' thing for now, since a] it really is not cheap to buy the fabric, and b] I do not have the time, what with needing to costume myself and all.  So... also need to paint the living room something nice and relaxing that will also fit my current furni.  Oh.  And I'm painting poetry on the walls, since it will be fun and stuff.  Specifically, either the original Lyke-Wake Dirge, or my modification of the same for that Poetry Deathmatch way back when.

Oh.  And I want a bunny rabbit.
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Ok, I found curtain material for my bedroom, which is to be sea-themed. BWAHAH.
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So like, it's 4:10 in the morning. I'm on break at work and trying to stay awake [why yes, officer, it's my first time doing night shift work, why do you ask?] and so I thought I'd make a random post here.

I think I found an apartment, it's a great community and the price is decent for the space [and the time I'll save driving to work every day], and I hear back tomorrow about all that 'approval' crap. Which reminds me, I do realize that there's a reason for them to do a credit check on applicants, to make sure they can pay their rent every month, but man, why on earth do they need to know my DL number, my height, weight, hair color and eye color? ! Jeeze I hate this.

I also came up with a way to decorate well and stuff and also save a fair amount of timie and money at the same time - instead of painting, just buy fabric, hem it, and hang it like curtains or something! It also seems a good way to get really neat effects without having to worry about all the painting techniques.

Where was I? Oh. Yeah. I mentioned how much I'll save time-wise driving .... about 30 mins. I can't wait.


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