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I find it incredibly ironic that the one semester that I'm only taking one class, I have to do the most writing (for scholarships, but my point still stands.)

I have to write like ... 6 essays, on the following subjects:

•Should corporations be required to provide health insurance to their full-time employees? (in 750 words or less)
•How do energy prices affect the global economy? (in 750 words or less)
•When did you realize it was important to make your own individual statement in life rather than follow someone else's idea of what's cool or right or best? (in 900 characters or less - eeesh!)
•How, if at all, would American society change if the current legal right to abortion is either severely restricted or elminated? (from 250 to 750 words)
• Choose one of the following (in 500 words or less):
*Considering the budgetary constraints the school system is facing, do you think that every institution should allow advertising? Keep in mind that simple things like a Coke machine count as advertising and do generate money for the school.
*Do you think that file sharing is a crime and that there should be harsher punishments for individuals downloading software, music, movies, ...etc?
*What actions do you think the government should take to decrease the pollutants that are contributing to global warming?
*If you had to choose on multi-national company to work for, which company would it be and why?

Dang. I'm too verbose for most of these. Oh, the inhumanity!


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