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I'm re-watching President Obama's Election Night Speech...

"On this day, in this election, at this defining moment... Change has come to America".

And finally... Finally, finally, I'm starting to see the change in my own life.

I'm on Medicaid. I'm taking at least a year off of work to heal, both body and mind.

I spent two stays in Fairfax Mental Hospital in April and May. I almost killed myself. Twice.

I've seen the truly dark hours of my life, I've seen the darkest, deepest secrets my mind can hold. I have seen the dark before the storm, and the light after the storm.

I have seen terror, and I have seen hope. And I have hope.

Finally, I have hope.

I have a chance at getting on SSI/SSDI. I have a chance at taking only a part-time job, and volunteering the rest of my time... I have a chance at going back to school.

I have a chance to experience LIFE. Instead of worrying about the debt hanging over my head, after I've filed what I'm going to file... I will be free.

Instead of worrying about how I'm going to survive - I have the chance to accept the hope the government offers.

Instead of worrying about my health - I can heal.

Instead of drowning in my disabilities, instead of drowning in the terror of failing again... I CAN HOPE.

"AMERICA - we have come so far, we have seen so much. But we are not done yet."

We are not done yet.


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